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June 5, 2017

It's A Boy!

I met a great guy named Alex and he became my boyfriend. We found out last month that we're expecting a boy and the doctors are optimistic that the pregnancy itself won't affect my health too much, as long as I stick to doing treatments and getting exercise.

I've always struggled with weight gain so that was a major concern of mine, but so far I've gained almost 15 pounds and my weight is doing fantastic. My lung functions have been up and down but at my last appointment they were back to my year high of 47%. I struggled a lot with my blood sugars crashing constantly in the beginning, and even some now, but they've gotten better. I had a lengthy hospital stay in the beginning due to a lung infection and not being able to take certain medications, but I've been doing fairly well aside from some isolated lung issues, anxiety, and getting used to carrying the extra weight.

All of my studio equipment came in and I'm officially ready to record a semi-professional album. I'm still happy with the pending Track List and cover art I created a few months ago. 

Lately though I've been focusing a lot on finishing my book. I anticipated it being done earlier this year but with hospital stays and general life craziness things got put on hold. If I can stick to my schedule I should be done with a basic copy (including photos, etc) by next month and I'm hoping to have my official book release in October/November. Right now I don't see too much getting in the way of that.

As for my GoFundMe, it's still going and if you've donated or shared Thank You! I'll need a lot of help once I'm towards transplant stage (which hopefully won't be for quite awhile!) Right now a lot of the money is sitting in a fund that hasn't been touched.

So far I've gotten to hang out with penguins, get necessary medication, complete my recording studio, and order swatches for my book, as well as fulfill requests of shirts and postcards that were initially available as a thank you reward for people who donated that wanted them. I hope everyone who received their postcards, etc liked them. As always, if you'd like to donate and want to specify where your donations go or want more information, please feel free to contact me and if you want more updates on my health, or want to see photos, follow along on my Facebook Page:

I'm excited about what I'm accomplishing and hope you're also making progress on your goals and dreams as we begin the second half of 2017 together. Hopefully the future holds something great for all of us.

- Sara

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