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February 14, 2018

Top 10 WongFu Videos of All Time!

When I think of Relationships I think of WongFu Productions. WongFu is made up of talented people that share short stories in the form of videos on their YouTube channel (AND) they even made their own movie. Back in high school when all of my friends were out with their new boos and I was alone, I'd watch WongFu videos and wait for their stories to fill up the empty spots in my heart that no one else could ever seem to understand.

In Honor of love & WongFu, Here are my Top 10 Favourite WONGFU Videos of ALL TIME:

1. Untouchable
3. Just A Nice Guy
4. From Here On Out
5. Strangers, Again
6. 'I Love You' Isn't Enough - ACCUMULATED
7. The Other Side of Yesterday
8. The Last
9. Somewhere Like This
10. A Peace of Home

If you enjoyed watching any or all of the videos above, please consider supporting them and becoming a "Careholder" by clicking here.


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