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June 24, 2018

A Trip To Remember

A few years ago a fundraiser was started so that I could be lucky enough to cross some things out on my bucket list and live my dreams. Then along came my boyfriend Alex, and an even bigger surprise when we started our own family. My parents have worked hard over the years and I wanted to take them on a vacation where we could relax and enjoy each other while I'm still healthy enough to travel. It's hard to find something my Mom likes but one day she randomly said "I want to see the Presidents' heads.." Unfortunately, my brother and his wife couldn't make it out with us and I had to travel with iv antibiotics, but we still had so much fun. I surprised my family with a trip to Mt. Rushmore. Not only that, but we got to go to 1880 Town, The Black Hills, Bear Country USA, Dinosaur Park, Crazy Horse, Sylvan Lake, and Storybook Island. Since nearly everything was able to be seen by car or within limited walking distance, we got to do everything we imagined and more. Molly came along with us and while she was spooked at some of the new experiences, she loved seeing nature and she even got a special treat for being so good.

Photo Cred: © Woody's Wild West

Because of you, over the last few years I got to take a family vacation to Mt. Rushmore, hang out with penguins, finish my book, get recording equipment to record my album, go to a Holocaust museum, purchase necessary medications, and start preparing for a double lung transplant and future expenses.

As we head into the second part of 2018 I felt it was important not only to update you and send you photos, but to say thank you. In my wildest dreams I never thought I'd be face to face with a bear or driving up the side of a mountain, birthing a child or publishing a book. There are so many things I always hoped I would do, but to actually be witnessing my dreams come to life is madness.

I'm eternally grateful for the incredible moments and memories of the last few years that I'll never forget. As the months pass by, I feel like it's necessary to switch gears and get a jumpstart on the transplant process. COTA is the most official way to fundraise for a transplant and all related costs without jeopardizing any of my medical care. As a part of utilizing COTA and their resources, and complying with the IRS laws and regulations, please note that my blog and any future updates during my fundraising campaign will be posted on my COTA page. I'll update with the link soon.

I've already done so much and with new lungs hopefully I'll get to do even more. Thank You so much for following my journey and for being a part of this crazy little thing called life.

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