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July 10, 2018

Weekly Update

Last week Alex and I took Aiden to the beach for his second time. He loved playing in the water and of course wanted to eat the sand. Grandma took the time to put Aiden to bed, while Alex and I went to the marsh and saw beavers swimming with grass, and a deer on the other side of the water. We drove around the country roads and then tried butter puffcorn for the first time and played a few games of Uno together.

On the 4th of July we made some bacon cheddar burgers, homemade macaroni, and corn. We also did some housecleaning and I chased Aiden around while he kept finding new ways to keep me on my toes.

We got to roast marshmallows and Aiden tried part of a banana boat. Alex had his first day back at work and I had an appointment to discuss the legality of my Will.

Alex's friends and family came over for a "party" and we played jack-in-the-box on Xbox. The next day we went golfing thanks to Trevor for helping us out and Becca for offering to watch our baby while we were gone. I loved golfing and managed to have fun even though it was really hot outside and we were a group of seven novice-intermediate golfers, so it took a long time. I loved driving the golf cart, even though three of us were smushed together and I didn't have a lot of confidence turning by the hills.

I got the news that my application for a transcription job was accepted. The payout is low but I'm excited because I can't work a traditional job since my health makes me unreliable and with this I can review jobs before I accept them and work as little or as much as I want, as long as I deliver projects I've committed to on time. I've been thinking about what I want to do after my transplant and I think I might go back to school and try to get a degree so I can teach classes online.

Alex went back to school yesterday, so we're going to be focused on making sure he passes his classes. It's hard to take care of the baby and be a stay-at-home-mom, and I'm sure it's hard for Alex to balance everything on his plate too, but I'm excited that we're both working hard and making progress in our goals.

The baby is starting to learn how to sit himself up and stand up. He isn't impressed with much and becomes bored quite easily, but when he's happy it's the greatest thing in the world. His smile and laugh bring me to a place where I can forget about all of the negative stuff in the world and focus on what matters. I love our family and I'm excited to see where life takes us next.

Stay Tuned,

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