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November 24, 2019

Sara's Sweet and Spicy Meatballs Recipe (mild)

I've recently been more interested in finding new tastes and being more adventurous when it comes to food. I've decided to start cooking when I feel like I have the energy. It gives me a sense of pride and comfort, as well as making me feel like I'm accomplishing something and able to help take care of my family. These meatballs are a nice mix between sweet and spicy, so it's a great comfort food for fall/winter weather. I eyeballed it, so the measurements should but close but maybe not exact. Either way, I hope you enjoy!

22 Oz Plain Meatballs
18 Oz BBQ Sauce
18 Oz Grape Jelly
1/4 cup water
1 1/2 TBSP Honey
3/4 TBSP Garlic Powder
1/2 TSP Cayenne Pepper
1/2 TSP Parsley
Salt, Pepper to taste

Cook meatballs as directed by packaging

Add BBQ Sauce and Grape Jelly. Stir often until it softens into a sauce. Add water as needed to reach preferred consistency.

Add Honey, Garlic Powder, Cayenne Pepper, Parsley, Salt, and Pepper, stirring often.

Boil, then cover and simmer for 10-20 minutes. Stirring often.

Serve over jasmine or white rice.

Let me know if you try this recipe and feel free to share your own twists or other favourite recipes in the comments!

Bon App├ętit!


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