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December 2, 2019

December 2, 2019 1:03 a.m.

Most of the day I was frustrated, Aiden never wants to cuddle me or give me attention unless I am doing something he is interested in. Little things were irritating me. I took a really long shower and Alex put up Christmas decorations while I kept Aiden occupied and out/off of things that could harm him.

My attitude eventually shifted for the most part and we successfully got Aiden to bed. Although he woke up crying for Alex a few hours into sleeping. I got him milk and graham crackers to settle his stomach and took him to his potty chair and changed his diaper. His cheeks were red so I gave him Tylenol since his back teeth have been growing and he was warm. After all of that and an episode of Dora and a book he settled back down to sleep.

My parents went to pick up a white Christmas tree from Grandma's which turned out to be snow filled and green. They also got a singing and dancing snowman that is about five feet tall. Aiden really wanted to help move the tree but the snow was shedding.

I'm starting to realize I'm obsessed with shopping for Aiden for things to make him happy and collecting Fisher-Price Little People. I sold some cars today for $5, but he still has so many toys. I love toys and they remind me of the happiest parts of my childhood. I realize too though that all Aiden ever really wants but  doesn't ask for is for us to play with him, praise him, show him we are listening and that his thoughts and ideas are important and to show him new things and provide comfort.

It's a lot of work being a mom and my knees, arms, and legs have been weak and painful even though Trikafta seems to be helping my lungs. I am often torn between wanting to do everything all at once or hibernating for a few days and taking a break. I feel like my body and mind have been through a lot but I know being sedentary all the time could set me back too.

Feeling: Sleepy 💤

C'est La Vie.
-Sara ♥

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