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August 26, 2016

Hopes and Dreams

Here is a list of my hopes and dreams:

-Finishing my book (Update: You can get One Last Breath, out now on Amazon, or B&N!) 

I've written a book called "One Last Breath" which is a compilation of short stories, poems, health updates, photographs, and more. I cringe at the cover, but didn't have any high-quality photos to use and can't update it without rewriting the entire book. I also cringe at the intro and some of the writing, but I take solace in sharing inner truths that set me free, and being vulnerable, which is the only way I can really relate to my book at this time in my life.

-Recording my first EP/Album (Update: You can listen to Carbon on Spotify!)

In 2021 I released a full-length (one-take, live-recorded album). I recorded the songs with my iPhone and turned up the volume on some of the songs. They are imperfect and I find it difficult to hear my own voice, but I'm attached to the meaning of the lyrics and the personal stories of the songs. I keep telling myself, it's better to put out imperfect work than to hold onto your dreams and never share them, so here it is. Not quite the studio-quality dream bubble I lived in for decades, but it's something. I'm proud of myself for putting it out there even though it's scary to be so vulnerable with my innermost private thoughts and feelings.

-Finding/Helping find a missing person

I'm interested in the lives and stories of missing people and their families and how I can help them. I can't understand how so many people simply "disappear" and are never heard from again and I can't imagine that ever happening to someone I know. I would love to help launch a project or program to get at least one recent missing person's story out there so we have the best chance at finding that person, whether it's having a face on a billboard or making bookmarks etc... I would also love to join a team of investigators to learn firsthand about the process and any tips they might have for assisting in finding missing people. Around the holidays especially I can't imagine not knowing if a family member or friend is okay or even alive and I don't want these people to ever be forgotten, especially during a time that support and love are needed the most.

-Hanging out with Tori Kelly in a recording studio

I am amazed at Tori's talents as a musician, songwriter, and music production. She has the total package and it's awesome to see her talents rise over the years as she becomes more popular. Remembering the time she produced songs in her bedroom by herself, it reminds me of my dreams and what I've wanted to do. I'd love to get the chance to hang out with her in a music studio and learn in a hands-on way by seeing and hearing how it all comes together and works so marvelously.

Update: I was fortunate enough to bring Alex out to a show and have tea with her, which was fantastic, but I would still love for my studio dreams to come true.

-Spending my birthday by the ocean with my family

I've been lucky enough to go to Los Angeles, California twice now. I've missed it ever since and the ocean is something that brings me a lot of peace and just makes me forget everything that's going on in the world and in my life. I had this crazy dream about spending my birthday at a restaurant or place outside the ocean at night eating food and spending time with my family and I loved everything about it, so even though this is kind of a crazy one, I would love to do something like this.

-Family vacation to Mt. Rushmore

I was fortunate enough to be able to make this a reality! I brought my family and dog out for a brief, all-expenses-paid trip in the Black Hills and we all had an absolute blast visiting Storybook Island, Sylvan Lake, Mt. Rushmore, Bear Country, and 1880 Town. I'd love to be able to do something like this again and make an annual vacation a reality.

-Donating a guitar to a hospital

Living in hospitals has taught me a lot and shaped who I am today. More specifically, I got my first guitar from a hospital closet for free from a generous donor and since then it's basically made me everything I am. I would have probably given up if it weren't for music. It means so much to be able to say how you feel in the form of a song when you don't know how to say it in a conversation or don't know how to let people in. My guitar means everything to me and music is my escape. I would love to get an affordable but decent guitar for a girl or boy around age 16 (how old I was when I got mine) and give them the experience that guitar playing gave me. I taught myself but I'd love to help get them started so they can keep at it and see how much music can heal people and change lives. 

Thank you so much to anyone who has supported me in my goals and "Living Wishes". I love you all so much and appreciate everything you've done for me.

-Sara xoxo

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