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January 6, 2018

Introducing The Tiny Toes Project

In 2017 we had our baby boy and I finished all of the major edits for my book. Aside from writing a book "One Last Breath", that is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, and having a baby, Alex and I were working on an online store.

I've since revamped our original idea of Tiny Toes and taken over. The mission of Tiny Toes Project is to sell items for children, and to use a portion of the proceeds from sales to benefit families and kids with disabilities and illnesses, as well as preemies. The way Tiny Toes Project will do this is through a variety of projects that benefit several charities.

One of the projects is a fundraiser in memory of my friend Bianca for Musician's On Call with Crowdrise. With part of the proceeds from my sales through Mercari and Ebay, I am using Amazon Smile to purchase items for UCSF Children's Benioff Hospital Registry and my own personal "wish list" for kids and adults at my own hospital. Amazon Smile purchases will then generate donations for The Preemie Project, to help provide NICU families with comfort and support through a range of programs from crafting handmade donations like booties and bedding to offering financial services and bereavement items for families in need.

In addition to supporting Musician's On Call, The Preemie Project, UCSF, and UNMC, my hope is to provide grief and trauma resources for families who need help and eventually I am hoping to be able to fund grants or scholarships through the Support Dreams Fund for kids and adults whose lives have been affected by illness and overcoming severe obstacles. I'd like for Tiny Toes Project to eventually be its own non-profit when I am post-transplant and able to work, but for now this is what I am able to do with it and I'm excited to be able to do it.

Aiden - The inspiration of Tiny Toes Project

I'm looking forward to sharing these donations with these charities and hospitals and helping out in whatever "tiny" way I can. If you would like to support Tiny Toes Project or any of these charities please click the respective links. Together we could do a lot of good and with a lot of small steps we can help support big dreams.

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