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July 7, 2018

Impromptu Paint Party

With Alex heading back to work, the days are long and it can get old doing the same routine. After lunch I decided to let our baby explore some water and try a fun impromptu craft with supervision.

I grabbed a towel and dumped some water in his high chair tray for him to move his hands around and splash in. He liked playing with the water cup and then I dumped most of the water out and we made a "paint" paste by adding flour. Then I decided to let him paint with some food colouring.

He tried to eat the flour initially (it's a taste-safe activity) but after I took his hand out he didn't try to eat it again. He was a little sleepy and rubbed his hand over his face once but we still enjoyed getting some quality time together and he watched carefully as I spelled his name and "mama" and "dada".

Feeling the water and mixing it with the flour to make paste is great sensory exploration of different textures with his hands and the food colouring helps him learn colours. Writing words or drawing pictures helps him learn letters and communication skills, and he learned about taste and how to move his fingers and hands more precisely so he could do what he wanted with the paint.

Tip: Grab all necessary supplies first (including wet/water wipes and towels) so you aren't running around while little one explores water and paint.

I didn't take his shirt off since it was impromptu, but a stain-free project would be without clothes!


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