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August 22, 2019

Our Baby is 2!

I wrote a song a while back after our son was born called One Last Breath, after I wrote a book called One Last Breath. I never had time to record it and I was just in the hospital for two weeks so I pulled out my guitar and downloaded Audacity and did a raw recording of it. I looked up how to mix and master songs and did my best, but I just kept messing it up, so I got frustrated and stripped just about every effect away and left it imperfect even though to me it still doesn't sound like a completed song and I'm hoping to re-record it later.

What I think makes it perfect is the emotion I get from reading the lyrics or remembering his birth and everything that encompasses those memories. I thought it would be nice to make him a little slideshow for his birthday since I try to do one every year and decided I'll just make it a music video too.

So here is the music video to my new "single", One Last Breath.

Available now on Spotify, Amazon Music, iTunes, etc..

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