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December 5, 2019

December 5, 2019 1:41 am

Hello again! Today started off with a shower. I was feeling good until I suddenly felt faint and made the shower cold and sat on the floor feeling nauseous, shaky, and my heart pounding. Alex brought me an Ensure Clear and I took my time getting up and moving. Aiden came in to use his potty chair and was so excited to see "mommy's piggy toes" peeking out from under my towel.

Aiden watched a Dora marathon on Alex's propped up laptop on the way to Omaha. Coming off the elevator we saw Dr. Murphy heading to grab coffee. The check-in girls marveled over Aiden and when he was excited about my mask they handed him one so we could match and he could "be like mommy". The appointment went okay. My pft's were down 3% to 43% fev1. I have been prioritizing life over treatments so I know I could've done better and will make adjustments. The doc had no clue what's causing my arm and leg issues so I'm getting labs drawn with my port flush Friday. I'm switching to Colistin/Cayston instead of Tobi/Cayston.

After my appointment we saw Erin in the waiting room and then Alex dropped me off at the hospital so I could bring the Tiny Toes donations to Child Life. Next we got Aiden some chocolate milk and took turns looking at stuff in a thrift store while Alex napped. We went to one more thrift store where Aiden grew attached to a pink Barbie jeep with a radio. I ended up getting a blue purse for $5, a Little People fire truck for $1.50, and a durable plastic construction hat for Aiden for $1.

Overall we had a good day. Alex and I sang karaoke on the way home while Aiden slept, and I introduced him to Ray Stevens' music that I use to listen to on VHS. Aiden tried to sing to Alvin & the Chipmunks' "Jingle Bells".

Once we got home we cuddled and watched a few of our shows. We both loved One Million Little Things as usual. It was nice to go back to feeling like I had my partner AND my best friend.

Feeling: Sore 😡

Sara ♥

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