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December 7, 2019

December 7, 2019 1:21 am

Today was an extremely productive day. I half-fixed a fire truck that didn't work at all, got labs drawn and my port flushed, arranged for refills, got a flu shot with Alex, and took care of Aiden and Alex all day. Tonight I listed all of the Little People figures that I'm selling.

I drank caffeine today which was new for me since I basically never have caffeine after I stopped drinking Mt. Dew several years ago cold turkey.

Aiden had diarrhea today and Alex spiked 102 degree fevers after he got his flu shot so I made sure to get him Tylenol, food, and water. He lightly napped and rested while I played with Aiden and fed him, I also rearranged his room. I don't know if it's the caffeine or Trikafta but I had so much more energy today. Unfortunately Alex is going to Omaha with Dylan tomorrow, so I'll have Aiden by myself. I was hoping we would go to the Santa event at the library and dad offered to let me borrow his new car but I'm scared to drive it and it's hard to get Aiden to stay still or move slowly when he's excited, so I'm worried he wouldn't have a good time with me holding his hand the whole time and I'm not sure I could catch him which would be frightening and embarrassing if he runs away.

I'll have to take a nap today and maybe try the immune system shot we bought. I figure I'll be more run down because of my insomnia, flu shot, needing more energy to take care of Aiden, etc..

Alex and I watched New Amsterdam and One Million Little Things again which was nice. He's been spending a lot more time with us lately, which has been really great even though we both have a bad habit of looking at our phones, computer, tv.. I like doing family stuff together but it always seems to stress one of us out or Alex gets bored and loses his patience. Sometimes I feel like I'm begging for attention which is hard. Although lately I've also be doing my own thing. Usually that includes shopping though - I need to start doing other hobbies and stop feeling guilty when I want me-time/be more independent and hang out with people.

Feeling: Accomplished and Dreadful 😅

Sara ♥

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