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December 8, 2019

December 8, 2019 12:31 am

I spent the morning making French Toast sticks and eggs for Aiden. Then we opened up his new airplane and fire truck from Grandpa. After Grandpa came home we did a puzzle together "Learning Resources Heads & Tails".

We went to the Santa event in town, Santa arrived in a fire truck which Aiden seemed to enjoy and then he got to eat a gingerbread cookie and drink "hot chocolate," which turned out to be cold. Aiden started to colour a bit and then he got to go upstairs to enter raffle drawings, pick a free book, and wait in line for Santa. He ended up being shy but polite and loved the tinsel. They also gave him a gift and I organized some of his toys; we also played Jingle Bells on tambourine which he loved and jammed to. He got a bath and then I read him some books in bed and he "read" some to me, which was fun. After that I sang him Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and gave him a backrub followed by a hug and a kiss.

 Alex seems to either be sick from food poisoning, a virus, or side effects from his flu shot. He went and got books with Dylan today while I stayed with Aiden. Tonight I ordered Aiden his first computer games - Jumpstart Preschool and Reading Rabbit for Toddlers. I found some great bilingual Dora books and a cooking with Dora and Diego cookbook. I love the Jumpstart games and Plato education growing up. I figured I'd rather him have a computer game over and over with unlimited access than these apps that cost a fortune with in-app purchases and subscription fees. I used the giftcard from my Secret Cyster to get Aiden the games since the blanket I got unfortunately was pokey and thinner than it appeared online, although still beautiful and extremely soft - I was sooo torn. I have trouble spending money on myself, even though there's an endless list of things I want. I always want to give to Aiden. I'm hoping now I can sleep and Alex will be feeling better. I sprayed all the door handles with Lysol and I don't want us to catch anything.

Feeling: Sleepy 💤

Until Next Time - Goodnight,
Sara ♥

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