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January 4, 2020

Parainfluenza Woes

The last few days have been eventful. Alex and I had a rough day and then Aiden got sick. We took Aiden to the ER because after a few days of mild fevers and stuffiness he randomly woke up having trouble breathing. Seeing his ribs suck in and out hard and fast while he whined with a barking sound has been difficult. His viral panel showed Parainfluenza/Croup. We're instructed to keep pushing fluids, alternate Tylenol/Ibuprofen, and watch his breathing. He had a steroid shot and a treatment but if he has issues for more than 1-2 mins we have to bring him back to the ER. He's not a fan of the steams showers and has been going to the bathroom less often.

Alex was going to go to a party tonight with his friends but decided to stay home with us. He also had a fever and symptoms last night. Omaha didn't want me to change anything but I woke up coughing and couldn't sleep and feel more short of breath with a headache that hasn't gone away for a few weeks.

Aiden has never been overly affectionate or liked cuddling too much but now that he's sick he covers me and clings to me with kisses and hugs... Today Aiden even brought me a goldfish cracker to share without asking. I've been trying to expand his horizons aside from watching Dora and Mickey, but he is not impressed.

Alex and I finished this season of New Amsterdam, The Good Doctor, and One Million Little Things - What's up with all the open endings? Geez! Now we are finishing up Looking For Alaska - which is cheesy and nerdy, but CUTE! We will also likely finish Forever on Amazon Prime.

Today I got some Santa mugs Alex let me order from his Mercari, but one was cracked, and one might shatter if I try to use it. Unfortunately, the seller didn't bubble wrap the outside well enough, so I submitted a return request.

Dad isn't as sick and despite all of the circumstances surrounding us, I am faring okay. Although, it appears my insurance may be mandating Trikafta AND Cayston to go through CVS Caremark now which is unjust and burdens me and my health. I'm dreading their decision, reliving previous experiences, and get highly stressed just thinking about all of the hassle and poor communication in attempting to receive my very necessary medications.

Feeling: Tired 😫

Until Next Time,
Sara Wiley ♥


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